Yes! Sign up for koocare and using its platform is absolutely free.
Click “Create your care” at the top of the page, be sure to fill the information needed. When done, click on “create your care.”
After creating care, the care will be under review by the system. The review can take up to 24 hours. As your care is approved, the care will be automatically Visible to all. Wasn't your care approved? Contact us
Image for profile or care page - 5mb. Video - for now, the only way to upload video to your care is by youtube link. Notice: do not upload any Illegal images, video or any other file.
If you don't want to use the camera, or if you are not able to provide a video call - you can choose this option. By choosing it, all your cares will have a broken camera icon to inform the users that chatting with you will only be by sound and not by video.
The online/offline has three states: online, busy and offline. Once you are online, other users will see it and can use the "start now" button to start a video chat from your cares. Your status will be visible in the search results next to your cares. Once you are offline, other users can book a care and/or send a private message. You can switch to online/offline manually. When you are in the middle of the chat, the online/offline button will be orange; that is the "busy status". As the chat ends, you will automatically be online. Important: after 1 hour of not using the site, your status will switch to offline.
Extra is for you to add more feature to your cam for extra money. It can be anything, such as a file that you will provide the buyer for the extra price chosen. If you choose to sell a file with extra cam - the file will automatically be sent to the buyer once you start the chat and only if the buyer bought that extra cam. Limitation: the extra price cannot be less than 5$. The extra file cannot be over 5mb. Use the extra - it can increase your cam price!
Just click “book now” on the care page, a calendar will appear and then book your day and hour for the chat. It's recommended to send a message to the user. If the user cannot accept your booking, he will reject your booking, and you will be notified
Go to the users' care page or profile and click the "contact me" button.
The clock starts counting as the chat video open for both sides. Notice; you will have one extra minute for every care. For example: If the care is 10 minutes, you might see 11 minutes. About three minutes before the end of the care, you will see an alert to let you know. Important: Do not forget to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone.
The calendar helps you to organize all your activity in koocare. When you book a care with a user, it will be marked as blue. When a user books your care, it will be marked as yellow (cares). Think of the calendar like it's you own private secretary.
The country is set by the IP when you first sign up. You cannot change the country that was set by the system. If you still want to change it, please contact us and explain why you want or need to change it and we will do our best to help you.
Yes. Just click the pencil at 'my profile' page.
You can contact us for any issue at the contact us page.
Report - This is your way to complain about a care. When you click the report button, the system will check the care and user you reported on. If the report is accepted as harmful and illegal content, the care will immediately be removed.
You can see the contents of the site, but you can not make\start a chat. We currently under Application Development, and soon we will provide convenience to users of KooCare with an app.
If any problem occurs while using koocare's care, please contact us within 24 hours of the actual problem.
You can start by telling your story and struggle that brings you to where you are today. Remember, the user may also lead you to give him some perspective or support.
Mostly. We are here to give a platform for support in every aspect of life.
Yes. KooCare is permitted for 13 years old and above.
Everyone that want and can help support someone can create Care at KooCare

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