About Us

Koocare is a subsidiary of Koocam and has been launched in an effort to help those who are suffering from a health condition. Whether you are the one suffering from an illness or it's someone you love, Koocare is here to be a helping hand in these trying times. It is a free platform where you can find a supporting environment, without any judgments, and be able to find strength. Everyone needs someone to lean on, which is why it is necessary for you to talk about your feelings with someone who will not only understand but empathize. There is power in sharing because you never know how someone could help you with just a few kind words.


At Koocare, you will be able to find others who have either gone through what you are going through or have experienced the loss of a loved one in the same manner. By sharing your struggle or loss, you will be able to find strength in those who understand your pain. You can ask for advice, share experiences or just be there to share words that may help someone who is suffering. We hope that with this project we will be able to bring people together in kindness, show them they are not alone and maybe there can be a positive outcome through hardships and struggle.